Used AC Buyers In Dubai

used ac buyers in dubai

Used AC Buyers in Dubai

We provide services of used ac buyers in Dubai at your doorstep. We buy split AC, inverter AC and window air conditioning (AC)

used ac buyers in dubai
       used ac buyers in Dubai

units of all types. Please call with details of your old or used air conditioning (AC); we buy your air conditioners! Cash payments!

We have been in the business of buying air conditioning systems for over 10 years now in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We offer a comprehensive service for the collection and purchase of air conditioning indoor and outdoor equipment. We undertake the removal from site of air conditioners that we purchase; our fully qualified HVAC engineers carry out the recovery of refrigerant (degassing) of the systems and the physical removal from site.

Payments for AC purchased are made immediately by means of bank transfer, cheque or cash by Hand.

Second Hand AC Buyers in Dubai

Sell your split, inverter and window Air Conditioner In good prices. No need to come to our shop we will take down the AC from your doorstep. Free uninstallation or removal indoor and outdoor AC. Save your time and sell your AC with good price. AC should be in working condition & should not be very old model.

We also help you to connect with buyers who are willing to buy used AC units and sell them on your behalf. You can also quote to sell a part of the unit or the complete unit altogether based on their good working capabilities. We will get back to you once your Ac is ready to be sold at good price.

Old AC Buyers in Dubai

We buy all types of old Split, Inverter and General window AC in Dubai, UAE. Please note that we buy only in good working condition AC or in running condition AC. Very old or in not working condition  AC we cannot buy. We also cannot buy scrap or damaged AC. Please send Air Conditioner (AC) Pictures on WhatsApp +971522776703 and get good money quotation at your doorstep. Our expert HVAC team come and provide from removal services and degassing.

Do you have old or used Windows AC and want to sell at a good price? We buy old window ac at good price … Call or WhatsApp now to sell your old all types of ac.

For more details and quires contact us our expert buyer team to sale your used or old split AC , Inverter and Window AC. Our Team response is only in 5 minute to view your old or used Ac at your doorstep. For a call contact +971522776703.

Used AC Brands We Buy at Good Price

AC Brand List We buy start from 0.75 ton to 4 Ton given below.

  • LG AC Brand
  • Hair AC Brand
  • Kenwood AC Brand
  • General AC Brand
  • Samsung AC Brand
  • Panasonic AC Brand
  • Daikin AC Brand
  • TCL AC Brand
  • Mitsubishi AC Brand

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